Does illinois institute of technology have dorms?


As an incoming freshman at Illinois Institute of Technology, you may be wondering if the school offers on-campus housing. The good news is that IIT does have dorms available on campus! In this post, we’ll provide an overview of the different types of residence halls on campus, as well as answer some common questions about student life and living in a dorm. Keep reading to learn more!

Types of residence halls

As an incoming freshman, you will have the option to choose from a variety of different types of residence halls on campus. The most popular type of dorm is the traditional student residence hall, which offers double occupancy rooms and common areas for students to socialize and study. Other types of residence halls include suite-style dorms, which offer private bedrooms and bathrooms for students, and apartment-style dorms, which are perfect for upperclassmen who want more independence.

IIT also offers a unique Living Learning Community (LLC) program, which places students with similar interests in the same residence hall. LLCs are a great way to make friends and get involved on campus! Some of the most popular LLCs at IIT include the Business LLC, Engineering LLC, and STEM LLC.

Illinois Institute of Technology does have dorms available for students. The university has nine residence halls that house undergraduate and graduate students. There are also four apartment buildings on campus that are available for upperclassmen and graduate students. The dorms at Illinois Institute of Technology are modern and comfortable, and they offer a variety of amenities to students, such as laundry facilities and common areas. Students who live in the dorms also have access to dining halls, fitness centers, and libraries. If you are interested in living in a dorm at Illinois Institute of Technology, you should contact the Office of Student Housing to learn more about availability and pricing.

The Illinois Institute of Technology is a comprehensive, global university committed to excellence in education. Our mission is to provide an excellent education for our students that prepares them for professional and personal success. We are dedicated to providing a transformative experience that fosters innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Our goal is to produce graduates who are prepared to lead in their chosen professions and make a positive impact on society.

Our vision is to be a leading global university with a distinctive approach to education and research. We will be known for our commitment to excellence, our innovative curriculum, and our dedication to preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world. We will be recognized as a top-tier institution by our peers and the broader community. Our faculty will be widely recognized for their scholarship and creative activity. Our students will be highly sought-after by employers for their skills, knowledge, and ability to think critically and solve problems. We will be a community that values diversity and inclusion and is committed to making a difference in the world.


1. What is the average cost of rent for a dorm room at IIT?

The average cost of rent for a double occupancy room in a traditional residence hall is $2,700 per semester. For suite-style and apartment-style dorms, prices may vary depending on the type of room and amenities that are included.

2. Are there any meal plans available for students living in the dorms?

Yes! All students who live in the dorms are required to purchase a meal plan through Campus dining services. Meal plans start at $1,800 per semester and can be used at any of the dining halls on campus.

3. What is the alcohol policy for students living in the dorms?

Illinois Institute of Technology is a dry campus, which means that alcohol is not permitted in any of the residence halls. Students who are of legal drinking age may purchase and consume alcohol off-campus.

4. What kind of security measures are in place for the dorms?

All of the residence halls at IIT are equipped with card access systems and 24-hour surveillance cameras. In addition, there is a full-time security staff that patrols the campus 24/7.

5. Are there any quiet hours in the dorms?

Yes, quiet hours are in effect from 10pm to 8am Sunday through Thursday, and from midnight to 8am on Fridays and Saturdays. During quiet hours, students are expected to respect the rights of others and keep noise levels low.


We hope this post has been helpful in giving you an overview of student life at Illinois Institute of Technology! For more information about the different types of residence halls on campus, be sure to check out the Housing website.

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